Giftie Giftie
A personal, online gift registry my husband and I designed and built.
A visual UI for finding event tickets.
TiVo Central Online
TiVo's online subscriber destination. Lets users browse TV and record shows from the Web.
Yahoo! Web Service
Lets users set up TiVo recordings from partner websites, like Yahoo! TV.
Interactive TV Listings
Part of TiVo Central Online, an AJAX-based tool for browsing TV listings on the web.
TiVo Desktop
A PC application that lets users transfer recordings from a TiVo DVR to a computer.
Web Application
A web-based app for managing beta programs.
Product Launch Page
Before-and-after versions of a launch page for a web-based product. The new version was designed and implemented in a week.
Web Tutorial
Spoke's "Getting Started" guide, to help users understand the basics of the product.
Dashboard Redesign
Redesign of the dashboard for an enterprise application.
Redwood City - Before and After
Proposed redesign of the Redwood City homepage.
Initial Design Document
An early-stage design treatment for accessing customer information in a service-oriented e-mail system.
Chat UI Design
A design for a high-performance chat application for customer service reps, based on field research.
User Taxonomy
A persona-like profile of types of users of a complex enterprise software package. This document is proprietary. Please contact me for information.
Site Visit Report
Ethnographic study of how a software product is meeting and falling short of customer needs.
User Questionnaire
A questionnaire to assess user loyalty toward a product.