Dashboard Redesign

Because this project involves proprietary software, I'm unable to show detailed screenshots. The thumbnails below are meant to give a flavor of the design direction without revealing actual contents.
The dashboard for this applicaiton had become a home for wayward information and functionality -- things the product managers and developers simply hadn't found a better place to park.

The fix required an analysis of who the users were and what they truly needed (and didn't need) from the application. Some of the information from the original dashboard was moved elsewhere in the application; some was eliminated -- without complaint.

Key features of the new design:

  • The two column format makes better use of screen real estate, provides better logical organization, and gives two different pieces of functionality top-of-screen status.
  • All key information is available above the fold.
  • Better use of color and alert graphics helps draw the user's eye to elements that require his attention.